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We welcome you to William A. Carter Elementary School!  William A. Carter Elementary School is one of our three Middletown Elementary Schools.  The school that your scholar attends is based on your home address.

At William A. Carter, our school philosophy is that every scholar is a unique individual and learner. Our top priority at William A. Carter is to get to know each scholar as an individual person who feels seen and valued within our school community.  Once we know each scholar we can then ensure that each scholar’s individual social and emotional needs are met. We all come into school everyday as a person first, hence we want to ensure that all of our scholars feel known, valued and important within our school.  

Once social and emotional needs are secure, we then move to tailor academic instruction and activities to align with and support the learning styles and levels of each scholar.  Our daily instructional day encompasses a combination of whole group lessons, small group differentiated learning activities and one to one conferring.  This instructional combination ensures that our scholars are receiving instruction in accordance with grade level standards as well as instruction and resources tailored to their personal needs as a learner.  

I am proud of the social, emotional and academic resources that our district offers.  The district’s goal is to provide the best educational resources and practices available. I know that each day your scholar comes to school and is valued as an individual person and learner who is provided with a high quality school experience. 

When you visit our school it is important to us that you feel valued and cared for.  
We are partners in this educational journey and we are committed to ensuring that is the best journey possible.   Our school is your school and you are always welcome!     


William A Carter

345 Schutt Road Extension
Middletown, NY 10940

Office hours: 8:00am-4:00pm

School day hours: 8:20am-3:05pm

Shortened Session School day hours: 8:20am-12:20pm

Two-hour delay hours: 10:20am-3:05pm

Three-hour delay hours: 11:20am-3:05pm